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Penis Sleeve/Penis Cover/Penis Extender: Definition, Purpose, Use

Initially, penis sleeves were made for treating conditions like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. However, gradually, it became a sex toy. Men can use it to increase the length and width of their penis. These sleeves provide numerous benefits.

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Penis Sleeve/Penis Cover/Penis Extender: Definition, Purpose, Use

What is a Penis Sleeve/ Penis Extender/Penis Cover?

Penis sleeve has multiple names such as cock sleeve, penis sheath, penis extender sleeve or penis extensions. Initially, it was made for treating conditions like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. However, gradually, it became a sex toy. Men can use it to increase the length and width of their penis. These sleeves provide numerous benefits.

Why Use a Penis Sleeve? Penis Cover Benefits

  • Research suggests it works as a penis enlargement sleeve and is used significantly to enhance the size of a penis.
  • Men who have erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation problems may also use it to maintain erections and decrease sexual sensations so that they can last longer before ejaculating.
  • Couples can use it as a sex toy to elevate sexual pleasure. These sleeves may have dots and nubs on the inside or outside to provide stimulation.

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Things to Consider Before You Buy a Penis Extender

You can find penis sleeves in different sizes, shapes and materials. This is why you need to consider specific points before buying a penis cover:

  • Material of the sleeve: One generally makes penis covers by using silicone and rubber. Some manufacturers also use plastic to make the sleeves. You need to check which material is comfortable for you before you commit to one.
  • Size and Type: The cover comes in different sizes, shapes and types. Some sleeves cover the whole penis, whereas others are open-ended.
  • Purpose: You need to consider your purpose for buying the sleeve. Depending on your purpose, choose the type of cover you require. If you’re looking to increase your penis width, an open-ended penis cover will suit you best. If you’re looking for one for the sake of sexual pleasure, then a rubber or silicone penis sleeve will be more suitable since it has a vibration function/dots on it.
  • Cost: The cost of covers vary depending on the purpose they serve, the material that they are made of, etc. The brand name also determines the price.

How to Use a Penis Sleeve / Penis Cover?

Mentioned below is the simple process of using the penis sleeve:

  • The sleeve should fit you comfortably. Order the sleeve after measuring your penis’s full length, i.e. when it’s fully erected. Avoid buying sleeves that are too loose or too tight.
  • Check out the material of the sleeve. Some material may cause an allergic reaction on your skin, so before buying the sleeve, find out which material is comfortable for you.
  • Wear the sleeve when you’re half erect and allow your penis to be fully erect in the sleeve. Now, the sleeve shouldn’t move forward or backwards. It should stay in place.
  • Use water-based lubricant before wearing the sleeve. You may also use lubricant on the inside and outside of the sleeve.
  • If you cannot reach your length, you might need a penis sleeve with a belt or ball loop to keep it steady. You can tie the belt around your waist or put the loop around your testicles and slip your penis into the sleeve.

Are Penis Sleeves Safe?

Yes, they are safe. You can call it a temporary substitute for surgery or medication. These sleeves provide aid to you during sex by controlling erectile dysfunction. However, to find out the root cause of your medical condition, you need to consult a doctor.

Are Penis Sleeves Effective?

It is effective in increasing your penis length nonsurgically and enhancing sexual pleasure. It allows a man to experience sexual pleasure even if he experiences erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. However, penis sleeves are not a permanent solution for getting rid of the underlying medical conditions that might cause these symptoms. It would help if you kept in mind that its effectiveness depends on the sleeve’s shape and fit. Hence, it is essential to measure your penis carefully so that you can purchase the correct size.

Risks and Side Effects of Penis Extender

The sleeves are not risky, but they may cause friction if the size doesn’t fit properly. Due to the friction, you may experience pain and soreness. That is why you must wear the correct sleeve size. In the rarest of the rare cases, a penis sleeve may cause a penile fracture due to intensive use or because of continually wearing the wrong size.

In a Nutshell: Should You Consider Using A Penis Sleeve?

The penis extender is helpful if you purchase one according to your needs—namely, sexual preferences, erection management, or increased penis length. However, be warned that there are limited studies discussing penis sleeves and their link to elongated penis size. The larger scientific community believes that there is no proven natural method to increase penis size and length.

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