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Powerful Ashwagandha Benefits for Men That You Should Know

The popularity of Ashwagandha as a herbal supplement just increases day by day. Recognised as a popular testosterone booster, libido enhancer and muscle-mass improver, it’s almost as if there’s nothing this ingredient can’t do.

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Powerful Ashwagandha Benefits for Men That You Should Know

The popularity of Ashwagandha as a herbal supplement just increases day by day. Recognized as a popular testosterone booster, libido enhancer and muscle-mass improver, it’s almost as if there’s nothing this ingredient can’t do. Read on to discover Ashwagandha benefits like never before. Let’s celebrate this Ayurvedic gift from nature to mankind!

How Is Ashwagandha Used As Medicine?

In case you didn’t already know, all parts of the Ashwagandha plant are exceedingly helpful. One can use Ashwagandha leaves to prepare herbal tea, for example. Although these leaves are bitter to taste, they have immense amounts of iron that can relieve anaemia or an iron deficiency among men.

Moreover, Ashwagandha flowers have diuretic properties and serve as natural aphrodisiacs that boost sexual energy and desire. Ashwagandha seeds can destroy parasitic worms in the body.

Herbal concoctions and tonics like Ashwagandharishta treat anxiety, loss of memory and stress among men.

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What Exactly Makes Ashwagandha So Beneficial?

No doubt, it is Ashwagandha’s coveted medicinal properties, multiple health benefits and phytochemicals. What are phytochemicals? All plants have them. Think of them as unique compounds existing to perform specific tasks. For example, the phytochemicals in Ashwagandha make your immune system robust, alleviate stress, and keep inflammation of any kind at bay.

Ashwagandha Benefits for Men

The excellent health benefits of Ashwagandha for men include better sex drive, stronger muscles, and reduced high blood sugar and blood pressure.

It is rejuvenating in nature and adaptogenic. Adaptogens are substances used in herbal medicines that help with regulating hormones and strengthening the immune system.

It can also help men relieve stress, enhance energy levels and concentrate better.

Suppose you want to maintain a healthy sex life and sex drive. In that case, Ashwagandha can become an essential ingredient to achieving a good libido as it helps increase testosterone levels in the body.

When you take Ashwagandha, your sex drive improves as the shrub helps improve bodily systems and functions that play a role in better sex performance and pleasure. These include blood flow to the genitals, better muscle mass, sperm production, among others.

Let’s take a look at the ashwagandha benefits for men:

Ashwagandha for a better sex drive

Ashwagandha is an aphrodisiac. Aphrodisiacs is a food or drug that helps improve a person’s sex drive. Ashwagandha is a powerful sex stimulant because it aids in stimulating the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels that carry blood to the genitals. As a result, you gain a higher libido.

Ashwagandha for bone growth

With age, men’s testosterone levels reduce. This shrub increases the level of testosterone in the body. As per a study, having the needed amount of testosterone in the body is necessary for bone growth increased muscle mass and strength.

Ashwagandha for sperm motility

Sperm motility is as essential as sperm count, and maintaining it is a precursor to having a good sex drive. Sperm motility refers to the ability of the sperm to move freely. Healthy sperm must swim at the speed of 25 micrometres per second, and Ashwagandha helps with the same.

Reduced motility decreases the chances of getting pregnant. Research conducted in 2018 found that Ashwagandha is good for the male reproductive system and can enhance sperm motility, sperm count, and semen quality.

As a result, the chances of getting pregnant increase manifold. However, further study on the topic is needed to come to a more precise conclusion on the effect of Ashwagandha on sperm motility.

Ashwagandha for erectile dysfunction

Ashwagandha can help with ED, but limited studies are present on this subject matter. Further research needs to be conducted to substantiate this claim.

Stress and anxiety can be one of the reasons for Erectile Dysfunction. Taking Ashwagandha can take the stress away due to its role in regulating cortisol levels. Lower stress leads to better libido performance and helps you deal with premature ejaculation.

Other Benefits of Ashwagandha for Men

Besides the expected sex benefits derived from Ashwagandha, you can also take the shrub to get relief from other health issues. These include:

Ashwagandha reduces blood sugar levels

Studies have pointed out that Ashwagandha can reduce blood sugar levels. Consuming it leads to an increase in insulin secretion and better insulin sensitivity.

Ashwagandha regulates cortisol Levels

Higher cortisol levels mean stress, and studies have found that Ashwagandha has proven benefits of reducing cortisol levels in your body. Therefore, by taking Ashwagandha, you will feel less stressed.

Ashwagandha improves muscle mass

Studies have found that Ashwagandha helps increase body strength and muscle mass, therefore improving your overall health. Research suggests that Ashwagandha has alkaloids, which are natural strength boosters and are often used by sportspersons.

Ashwagandha treats arthritis

Contrary to popular opinion, Ashwagandha is not a cure for arthritis. Instead, it acts as a pain reliever. Taking Ashwagandha also prevents the transmission of pain signals to the central nervous system. It may also help with pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

When treating rheumatoid arthritis, research conducted in 2015 found that Ashwagandha effectively treats the same.

Ashwagandha improves heart health

Ashwagandha can enhance an individual’s cardiorespiratory endurance. In simple words, it can improve heart health by helping reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol, and chest pain.

Side Effects of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a natural remedy. Hence, it has little to no side effects. However, the side effects of Ashwagandha can be observed when it is consumed excessively or in an improper dosage. Some of them are:

  • Ashwagandha must not be consumed by hyperthyroidism patients but is often prescribed for individuals with hypothyroidism.
  • Ashwagandha may affect blood pressure levels. People with low blood pressure should avoid its consumption.

Summing Up Ashwagandha Benefits for Men & Everyone Else

Ashwagandha, the adaptogen, is an excellent alternative treatment for numerous health issues for men. However, make sure you begin an Ashwagandha course under a doctor supervision. This is the best way forward.

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Do I Take Ashwagandha in the Morning or Night?

As Ashwagandha is a multifaceted herb, it can be consumed both in the morning or at night. However, due to its sleep-enhancing and anxiety-relieving properties, it is best consumed before bed.

What are Ashwagandha leaf benefits?

One of the most popular Ashwagandha leaves benefits is weight loss. Ashwagandha helps improve the digestive system, which accelerates the metabolism and aids in the weight loss process.

Does Ashwagandha Increase Height?

Ashwagandha effectively increases the expression of genes responsible for bone density. Ashwagandha reduces stress that further improves bone calcification. Ashwagandha does not directly affect height increase, but its various properties impact the human growth hormone (HGH) that can boost growth.

Is it Safe to Take Ashwagandha Daily?

As long as you are within the safe dose range prescribed by your physician or a professional ayurvedic expert, you can take it daily.


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